Online Quizathon

Online Quizathon



  • Students must fill up the registration form with their IOE Entrance roll number before 26th Magh 2077.
  • Late submitted registration will not be considered for the event.
  • The event will be conducted in Zoom and students should appear on event before 15 minutes.
  • During the event, if electricity or internet fails, the candidate should be self-responsible.
  • There will be selection round to proceed for the quiz contest. All the registered students will be asked a set of questions (30 marks). Questions will be asked from following topics. (Physics/Chemistry/ Math/English/About NCE College).
  • 30 minutes are allocated to submit their answers for the first round.
  • Top 50 candidates will be selected for the main event Quizathon.
  • For the quiz section, a student will be asked a question. If he/she fails to answer, the question will be passed to next candidate.
  • Direct question carries 10 points, and indirect (passed) question carries 5 points.
  • Candidate should answer each question within 20 second otherwise the question will be forwarded to next candidate and will get 10 seconds to answer for indirect question.
  • 2 points will be deducted for wrong answer
  • Questions related to physics, math, chemistry and English will be asked in Quiz as well.
  • During the selection of top 50 candidates, if there is a tie among candidates, then the candidates will be selected on lucky draw.
  • During the main event, Quizathon, if the scores tie, extra questions will be asked to the candidates and those who fails to answer, will be automatically eliminated.


  1. Top 50 selected candidates will get atleast 2.5GB datapack instantly. (NTC/Ncell/SMART)
  2. The runner will get instant 1TB harddisk and also cash discount upto 50k at the time of admission at National College of Engineering.
  • The winner of Quizathon will receive instant 2TB harddisk and cash discount upto 100k at the time of admission at National College of Engineering.



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