The Research and Development (R & D) Unit is an academic wing of the NCE mandated to conduct and coordinate research activities in the institute. R & D creates a platform for faculty and students to establish a research culture and establish one’s identity in the national/international arena and also help in acquiring research grant from national and international funding agencies.

The R & D unit at NCE is established with following objectives:

  • To assist the students and faculty members to conduct research under student project and research scheme from various funding agencies; build healthy competition among researchers, faculty members and students.
  • To initiate, develop, cultivate partnerships, network and groups amongst the various researchers, faculty members and students and motivate towards research activities.
  • To assess training needs of students and faculty members and executing these programs.
  • To collaborate with industry, government, professions and the wider community on all research matters to promote faculty and student’s research activities to external stakeholders.
  • Attract external funding for research (through individual/joint/interdisciplinary research proposals) and its effective dissemination and use.
  • To inspire students and faculty members to publish research papers and technical papers in National and International Journals.
  • To organize workshops, seminars, technical exhibitions and talk programs.