Engineering Pathways: Overcoming Challenges and Shaping Success - The Journey of Chandra Rana

Full Name: ChandraRana
Year of Graduation:
Program Studied: Bachelor of Civil Engineering
Contact Email:
Current Occupation: Engineer
Employer/Institution: Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development, Lumbini Province
Work Address: Water Resource and Irrigation Development Division Office, Palpa
Facebook Profile: [sr_crana]
Twitter Handle: [chandra_rana85]


Career Path:
1. Technical Officer at CARE International, Nepal (B.S. 2072)
2. Engineer at Government of Nepal
2.1. Irrigation Development Division Office, Gulmi (B.S. 2072-2075)
2.2. Babai Irrigation Project, Bardiya (B.S. 2075-2076)
3. Engineer at Lumbini Province
3.1. Water Resource and Irrigation Development Division Office, Dang (B.S. 2076-2079), Study Leave.
3.2. Water Resource and Irrigation Development Division Office, Palpa (B.S. 2079 – till the date)

Challenge Faced:

1. Experienced real competition after graduation.
2. Being compatible with field problems based on learning.
3. Being SMART (Technocrat) than others.

Moment that have shaped my life:

In the last semester of my college life, I failed in the Elective II. That was my unexpected result. Which taught me to decide best one among different alternatives, to manage personal time and to decide my destination.


Fondest memories: We closed college with various academic demands while studying third semester. It could have been discussed without closing the college; I keep remembering why it was done.

Unforgettable event: Participating in various academic programs instead of preparing for final semester exams.

Favorite professor: Kritam Maharjan : Before teaching, he used to come after sufficient preparation. He used to make the students interested in the subject.

Cherished friendship: “सबैको दाजु”


· Learn with passion; not with fashion.

· Enjoy your student life; do not take it as burden.

· Try to hunt the knowledge; not only the degree.

· What you have learned; compare and practice with your daily life.