Electronics, Communication & Information Engineering

Electronics, Communication & Information Engineering deals with electronics principles as well as information technologies like the internet, telecommunication etc. Electronics is embedded in most facets of life ranging from simple consumer goods to the sophisticated instrumentation used in electronic circuits, electronic devices, and computer systems.





Electronics Communication & Information Engineering (BECIE), the upgraded course of electronics and computer engineering, is four year Bachelor program in engineering offered by IOE, Tribhuvan University, based on two main branches: Electronics and Communication Engineering (BEX) and Information Technology (IT). The course deals recent global market trend on electronics, computer and information technology. Through the electronics communication and information engineering program, students gain basic knowledge of electronics, understand computer software and information network system.

Electronics communication and information engineering has wide scope in the fields of electronics engineering, communication engineering and information technology. More specifically, it covers the various fields such as electronics applications, computer hardware, software, telecommunication, wireless communication, digital and analog communication, artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, avionics, network engineering, embedded system, FPGA and IC Technology etc.


Career in Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering

Electronics communication and information engineer go on to successful careers in a wide range of organizations working locally as well as globally in the field of communication, software, mobile applications, electronics applications, networking, innovation and  research. Electronics communication and information engineer can as:

  • Telecom Engineer in Telecommunication companies like NTC, NCELL, Smart Cell, Hello Nepal etc.
  • Software Engineer in Various Software Companies
  • Electronics and communication Engineer/ IT Officer in Government Offices and Local Bodies
  • Communication Engineer/Network Engineer in Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Communication Engineer in Television, FM and Radio Broadcaster
  • Avionics Engineer in Civil Aviation and Airlines
  • Electronics and Communication Engineer in Nepal Police and Nepal Army
  • Network Engineer/ IT Engineer in Banking Sector (eBanking, Mobile Banking)
  • Biomedical Engineer in Hospital and Biomedical Institutions
  • Electronics Engineer in Electronics Equipment/Households Manufacturing Companies
  • Instructor/Trainer/Lecturer in Academic Institution
  • Researcher in Innovation and Research Center
  • Entrepreneur in your own Company

Choose Electronics Communication & Information Engineering if:

  • You want to change the world with revolutionary technology in the field of electronics and information Technology
  • You want to be a part of brain behind gadgets
  • You want to make your career in IT
  • Want to be an astronaut
  • You love robotics
  • You want to be Computer Programmer
  • You are fond of telecommunication and wireless technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning etc.
  • You think you have innovative and creative mind
  • You accept the challenge of technology change


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