Empowering Research and Innovation:
National College of Engineering’s New Grant Program

In a groundbreaking initiative, the National College of Engineering (NCE) in Nepal is set to provide substantial research grant funding to support innovative and impactful research projects. This pioneering grant program aims to foster a culture of research, encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, and advance knowledge in Nepal.

Grant Overview:

NCE is excited to announce this research grant opportunity for academic researchers, scholars, and undergraduate students from engineering colleges and campuses affiliated with Nepalese universities. The grant is designed to encourage collaborative research and drive innovation in multidisciplinary areas.

A minimum of five research groups will be selected through a competitive process, with each group receiving NRs. 2,00,000 (rupees two lakhs) in funding. The grant can be utilized for various research-related expenses, including personnel salaries, research materials, travel, data analysis, and more.

The application process consists of two steps:

  1. Screening Stage: Short proposals outlining the core ideas, novelty, and significance of the research project.
  2. Detail Proposal Stage: Detailed proposals will be invited from applicants who successfully pass the screening stage.

A New Frontier in Research:

National College of Engineering (NCE) has established a dedicated Research and Development (R&D) Unit. This dynamic unit plays a pivotal role in fostering a culture of research within the academic community and serves as a bridge for collaborations with domestic and international research centers and universities.

NCE’s Research Grant Program is a fresh and visionary endeavor designed to invigorate the research landscape within the institution. It opens up avenues for both students and faculty to delve into innovative and impactful research projects, setting the stage for pioneering discoveries and advancements.

How to Get Involved:

Interested applicants, whether students or faculty, can participate by forming research groups consisting of at least one faculty member and an undergraduate student. These groups will have the chance to compete for grants, providing financial support for research endeavors.

Where Research Meets Impact:

NCE’s Research Grant Program is not just about theoretical exploration; it’s about making a tangible impact on the world. From AI and IoT to renewable energy and climate change, the program spans a wide range of research areas with real-world relevance.

Join the Journey:

NCE invites all eligible members of the academic community to join this transformative research journey. Embrace the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and discovery, and be a part of the future of research at the National College of Engineering in Nepal.

NCE Research Grant Award Ceremony, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the NCE Research Grant Ceremony 2024, hosted by National College of Engineering. This ceremony commemorates the