Nausad Ansari is a Civil Engineer with extensive experience in Civil-Engineering. He graduated his Civil-Engineering from National College of Engineering with first class honors in B.E. in Civil-Engineering in 2017. He began his academic career as Teaching assistant of well liked National College of Engineering in 2018.
During his academic period as lecturer, he has worked as Road safety coordinator at Safe and Sustainable Travel Nepal (NGO). He also fulfilled his duty as Administrative Manager at Aayam Engineering Research and Consultancy. He has been involved in different training work as Trainer through different Institutes.
In the academic field, Er. Ansari is involved as a Survey expert for different institutes. He also has been freelancing with his expert knowledge in different fields. Additionally, he has received 6 days of training for Training for Trainers (TOT) provided by the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT).