Rajan Kusi is an Electronics and Communication Engineer and Senior Lecturer at National College of Engineering (NCE) with an experience of 11 years. He graduated from Kathford International College of Engineering and Management with first class honors in Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering and obtained his Master of Engineering degree in Computer Engineering from Nepal College of Information and Technology.  He is currently pursuing his PhD in Electronics and Computer Engineering from Pulchowk Campus, IOE, TU.

Mr. Kusi served as Senior Lecturer at Everest Engineering College for 10 years where he also worked as Head of Department at Research and Development Unit. He is currently serving at National College of Engineering as a Senior Lecturer and is also actively involved in supervision of student’s projects as Project Supervisor.  

In addition to teaching, Er. Kusi has also worked as Scientific Committee Member at ICAETCMT and worked as Engineer at Powertech IT and Energy Solution. Apart from his academic and professional endeavor, he is extensively involved in research and publication. His work of research is published in International Journal of Advanced Engineering. He has also authored Text book on Computer Science for Grade XI and XII.