1. Corresponding method

Authors should submit the soft copies of their papers to Chief Editor at . Please put “NCE Journal of Science & Engineering” in the subject of mail and also in cover letter please specify the broad field to which the paper belongs to:

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Computer Engineering/Computer Science
  3. Electrical Engineering
  4. Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering
  5. Mechanical Engineering and
  6. Applied Science
  1. Acceptance Criteria

The journal accepts and publishes the academic papers that meet the following criteria:

  • Article(s)/papers are original in nature and have not been published elsewhere.
  • The paper is concise with clear account of the research work.
  • Technical papers that advance the state of knowledge and cite relevant prior work to permit reader to verify the accuracy of the information given in the paper.

All manuscripts are subjected to peer-review to determine originality, validity and significance of the submitted material. Criteria for publication include scientific merit and significance to the field.

  1. Preparation of Manuscript/Paper

The manuscript/paper should be in A4-size paper and prepared in MS Word. It will follow the format described and presented in NJSE-Template.doc available at .

The contents of the manuscript/paper are:


The manuscript should have a short and clear title, a concise abstract with keywords. The abstract should not exceed more than 300 words. It should briefly summarize the essence of the paper and address the following areas objectives, methods, results and conclusions.

Main Body and Headings

The paper should include the following major sections in addition to the main body of the text.

  • Introduction: Describe the previous research works done related to your research. Describe the motivation and purpose of the research in separate paragraph.
  • Methodology: Provide sufficient information to allow readers to repeat the work.
  • Result and discussion: Discuss and analysis the outcomes of the research work.
  • Conclusions: State conclusions precisely without elaboration.
  • Acknowledgements: Recognize any advisory and financial help, and major assisting works in the paper.
  • References: It is the citation of sources which have been used in the manuscript. It should be in the format provided in template
  1. Copyright

NJSE reserves the copyright for the published papers. Authors will have the right to use content of the published paper in part or in full for their own work.

  1. Proofs

Proofs will be sent to contact author for correction. This should be checked and returned as soon as possible. No alternation in the content of original text is accepted.

**NOTE: Authors are encouraged to refer and strictly follow the specification of NJSE-Template for manuscript/paper preparation which is available at home page.


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