Request for Proposals: Research Grant Funding

Contributing towards advancing knowledge, driving innovation, and promoting research culture in Nepal

A. Grant Overview:

NCE is pleased to announce the availability of grant funding for innovative and impactful research projects targeting multidisciplinary areas. This grant initiative aims to support academic researchers /scholars and promote collaborative research, expanding knowledge and breakthroughs in interdisciplinary areas. Aiming to support faculties in undertaking their planned research projects and enabling undergraduate scholars to benefit from the faculties’ research projects,  we invite research groups (faculties accompanied by at least one undergraduate student) from constituent/affiliated engineering colleges/campuses of universities in Nepal to submit their proposals for consideration.

To attract more applicants, we have strategically planned a two-step proposal call:

1) First step (Screening): The Screening Stage will seek short proposals presenting the main proposed ideas and their novelty and significance.

(Note: Please use the template accompanied with this proposal call : Proposal Template-Screening.docx )

2) Second Step (Detail Proposal): The second step will invite detailed proposals only from the applicants whose proposals will pass the screening stage.

B. Research Focus Areas:

Proposals are sought in the following key areas of interest, though not limited to:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning: Enabling Applications, E-Governance, Cyber Security, Quantum Computing, and Block Chain Technology
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Nano-Things (IoNT), Sensors, Robotics and Industrial Automation, and Next Generation Communication Networks (5G/6G)
  3. Electric Vehicles, Energy Efficiency and Auditing, Renewable Energy Technologies, Smart Grid and Metering, and Optimum Energy Mix
  4. Innovative Construction and Building Materials, Resilient and Sustainable Structures, Smart Irrigation Systems, Tunneling Technology, Geotechnical Engineering for Infrastructure Development, and Equitable Urban Mobility
  5. Climate Change, Green Hydrogen, Computational Technique, and Combinatorial Optimization

C. Grant Objectives:

The primary objectives of this research grant are to:

  1. Drive innovation and excellence in multidisciplinary research areas.
  2. Address critical challenges and gaps within the field, contributing to the betterment of society.
  3. Promote interdisciplinary and interinstitutional collaboration to generate comprehensive solutions.
  4. Facilitate the development of new technologies, methodologies, or theories.
  5. Disseminate research findings through high-impact publications, conferences, and outreach.

D. Eligibility:

This grant is open to faculties working at constituent/affiliated engineering colleges/campuses of universities in Nepal. Applicants from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Forming a research group of at least two members, including a faculty member and an undergraduate student, is mandatory.

E. Funding Details:

On a competition basis, a minimum of five different research groups will be selected and each group will be awarded a grant of NRs. 2,00,000 (rupees two lakhs in words). The number of awardee groups may be increased if additional funding is available. The awarded funding can be utilized for:

  1. Personnel salaries and stipends (up to 40%)
  2. Research materials and equipment (up to 30%)
  3. Travel and accommodation for conferences and collaborations (up to 20%)
  4. Data collection and analysis and publication costs (up to 20%)
  5. Other justifiable research expenses (up to 30%)

F. Application Process/Guidelines/Required Documents:

Interested applicants should submit a comprehensive proposal (Refer to Section A.1) following the guidelines provided in the application package. The proposal should include:

  1. A complete research proposal (it is mandatory to use the template provided)
  2. Resumes/Short Curriculum Vitae of key researchers involved [Maximum two pages (A4 size), including a maximum of 3 representative published papers (Submit CVs as separate files)]

G. Review Process:

All submitted proposals will undergo a rigorous peer-review process by experts (prioritized to NCE non-members) in the relevant areas. Evaluation criteria will include innovation, scientific merit, potential impact, feasibility, and collaboration potential.

H. Expected Research Outcome:

  • A presentation reporting the research progress according to Milestone 1 table

(Note: A failure to demonstrate significant progress may result in not receiving the second half of the grant fund).

  • A research article for the next issue of the journal [NCE Journal of Science and Engineering (ISSN: 2717-4786)] to be published by the college.
  • At the end of Milestone 2, a brief project report followed by a presentation.

I. Timeline (Prior to Awarding Grant):

  • Request for Proposal Release Date: [8th September 2023]
  • First Proposal Submission Deadline: [14th October 2023: Before midnight]
  • Screening Result Notification: [7th November 2023]
  • Extended Proposal Submission Deadline: [30th November 2023]
  • Presentation for Selected Applicant: [15th December 2023]
  • Grant Award Notifications: [22nd December 2023]
  • Release of Grant Fund (First Portion): [29th December 2023]
  • Project Start Date: [1st January 2024]
  • Mid-term Report: Milestone 1: Submission of Deliverables: [1st week of July 2024]
  • Project Completion Date: Milestone 2: Submission of Deliverables: [2nd week of January 2025]

J. Timeline (Following Grant Award):

  • The first week of July 2024: Progress Report and Presentation
  • The first week of July 2024: Research Article for NCE Journal
  • The second week of January 2025: Final Report followed by a presentation

K. Grant Distribution:

  • First Installment (After Final Acceptance of the Proposal): 20%
  • Second Installment (After Completing Milestone 1): 50%
  • Final Installment (After Completing All Requirements): 30%

L. Contact Information:

For inquiries and proposal submissions, please contact:

Research and Development Unit, National College of Engineering


Phone: (01)-5151387/5151170

We look forward to receiving your innovative proposals and contributing to advancing the research field of your interest. Together, we can make a lasting impact on our society through groundbreaking research and discovery.

Download Proposal template: Proposal Template-Screening.docx