Pradip Adhikaree is an Electronics Engineer and Associate Professor at National College of Engineering (NCE). He graduated from National College of Engineering with first class honors in Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering and obtained his MSc degree in Information and Communication Engineering from IOE, Pulchowk Campus, TU.

Mr Adhikaree began his academic career at the National College of Engineering, where he served as the Head of Department at Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering for around 12 years and now is serving as the Vice Principal of NCE. As an academic professor he has supervised several undergraduate projects and thesis works. He has also authored and co-authored many journals which are published in various National and International journals and conferences.

Besides his academic endeavors, he has also served as Secretory of NEA Bagmati’s first Executive Committee. He is also the first VP of Lions Club of Kathmandu creation. He has also worked as Broadcast Engineer in ABC television and has served as a member of several Technical and Managerial   Committee.