Message from Principal

Er. Purushottam Shrestha

Principal, NCE
Associate Professor


I would like to thank you for your interest on our National College of Engineering. If you have been exploring for an appropriate academic institution for the career development of your kids or yourself, be assured that you have come to the right destination.

This college was established by a group of dedicated and experienced university teachers and professionals in 2001 A D with a goal of creating a center of excellence in engineering education. 

Purushottam Shrestha-Principal

We are striving persistently to achieve this profound objective. We are inspired by the service motive of educational sector rather than the pure commercial motive in this competitive world.

All our efforts so far have been to produce a competent graduate, who can stand with pride and confidence in this age of knowledge and technology, with necessary knowledge and skills. Furthermore, we nurture our graduates to become responsible citizens after spending their crucial and emerging adulthood years in this college. We do have our vision, mission, goals, action plans, competent teachers, infrastructures, and environment to inculcate the overall personality of our graduates.

Engineering profession is a respectful, dignified, and responsible profession in our society for the development of a country. To maintain its dignity and responsibility, it is mandatory that the learners have profound interest in the subject and have a love for hard working. Our success is measured by whether the college has become supportive or accommodating to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills required for the profession.

We hope that you will find the overall college milieu, including its competent and qualified teachers, well maintained labs and the infrastructure, is conducive for the building of your kid’s or your career. You can become a reliable partner for achieving our pious goal – to make this college a center of excellence.

Cordially Yours,

Er. Purushottam Shrestha

Associate Professor Principal