Navigating Boundless Horizons: The Inspiring Journey of Prabin Silwal

Full Name: Prabin Silwal
Year of Graduation: 2066-2070
Program Studied: Computer Engineering
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Current Occupation: Senior IT Consultant in Simpli Data, Big Data Consultant at Turanz Trading, MD at Rewasoft Pvt. Ltd., CTO Moru Digital Wallet, Freelancer, Lecturer, Entrepreneur
Work Address: Kathmandu, Nepal
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My journey from college to a successful professional has been nothing short of remarkable. Life after college has been an exhilarating adventure, a tapestry woven with threads of ambition and innovation. I am filled with a sense of profound gratitude and awe for the path I have walked. The transition from a hopeful graduate to a seasoned professional was not without its share of challenges. The early days were marked by a thirst for knowledge and a hunger to prove myself in the real world. Milestones that seemed like distant dreams became tangible realities through sheer dedication and unwavering focus. Every project delivered, every accolade received, and every new skill mastered shaped the person I am today.

Through unwavering commitment, habit of constant learning, and a passion for technology helps to excelling and making a significant impact across multiple industries. Continuing my journey with a Master’s degree in Computer Science & Technology, specializing in Big Data, Machine Learning, and IoT, I embarked on a path of boundless possibilities. I sculpted a high-performance technology culture, nurturing innovation and strategic growth on different companies. My success extends beyond professional accomplishments. Actively participating in workshops, seminars, and tech conferences, I shared my knowledge and experiences with aspiring professionals. My commitment to community engagement and mentorship has made me a role model for many young talents. My thirst for knowledge and penchant for research led me to become a Senior IT Consultant at Simpli Data. My tenure as a Consultant Chief Technical Officer at Moru Digital Wallet allowed me to shape IT frameworks and strategies that drove success and resilience. In my freelance role as a Big Data Consultant,ML lead developer, I orchestrated data symphonies, harnessing the power of different recent tools & technologies. With each step, I’ve carved a legacy of pushing boundaries, embracing challenges, and weaving technology into the tapestry of progress.


As I wander down the memory lane of our college days, a warm wave of nostalgia engulfs me, and I’m transported back to a time filled with priceless moments. Being first batch of the new management team, we came up with new ideas & proposals including the formation of different clubs, exhibitions, publications, college was very supportive and helped us to make it to reality. My foundation in computer engineering from NCE laid the groundwork for my future success.

 During my college years, I eagerly engaged in problem-solving challenges, thirsting for knowledge and embracing emerging technologies. This drive for learning became the fuel for my subsequent achievements. Our college wasn’t just an educational institution; it was a sanctuary of growth, a playground of experiences, and a cocoon where dreams transformed into aspirations that would shape our futures.


My story is a testament to the potential and possibilities that await NCE graduates. I am a proud Computer Engineering graduate from NCE. Instead of limiting myself to a single job, I decided to manage time for continuous learning and work with different companies across various sectors. Embracing diversity allowed me to grow both personally and professionally, and it was the catalyst for my success. To the vibrant minds walking the same corridors I once did, I extend to you these heartfelt words of guidance. Embrace every opportunity as a stepping stone to greatness, even if it appears as a challenge in disguise. In the world of technology, curiosity is your compass; explore the uncharted territories, dare to dream, and dive into research. Technology is a canvas, and you, the artists, have the power to create masterpieces that shape the world. Collaborate fearlessly, for the synergy of diverse perspectives births true innovation. Cultivate resilience and a hunger for continuous improvement, as these qualities will be your guiding lights in the ever-evolving landscape of life. The friendships and connection you cultivate today will stand as sturdy pillars of support during your career. Dare to dream with audacity, chase your passions tirelessly, and never underestimate the profound impact you can wield upon the world.

Your journey is a canvas awaiting the vibrant strokes of determination, courage, and unwavering perseverance – may it become a masterpiece that inspires generations to come. My journey from a college graduate to a thriving professional exemplifies the power of continuous learning, adaptability, and embracing diverse challenges. To my fellow NCE graduates, I encourage you to dream big and embrace the ever-evolving world of technology. The possibilities are limitless, and the impact you can make is boundless.