Success Stories of Alumni

"Navigating Boundless Horizons: The Inspiring Journey of Prabin Silwal"

Full Name: Prabin Silwal
Year of Graduation: 2013 AD
Program Studied: Computer Engineering
Contact Email:
Current Occupation: Senior IT Consultant in Simpli Data, Big Data Consultant at Turanz Trading, MD at Rewasoft Pvt. Ltd., CTO Moru Digital Wallet, Freelancer, Lecturer, Entrepreneur
Work Address: Kathmandu, Nepal
LinkedIn Profile: prabin-silwal
Facebook Profile: Er.PrabinSilwal/

"Rising from Intern to Amazon: The Inspiring Journey of Sanjita Sharma"

Full Name: Sanjita Sharma
Year of Graduation: 2015 AD
Program Studied: Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering
Contact Email:
Current Occupation: System/Software Developer 
Employer/Institution:, Inc
Work Address: Austin, Texas, USA
LinkedIn Profile: sanjitasharmanp

"From Dreams to Reality: Charting a Path in Robotics and Drones - The Odyssey of Ram Krishna Yadav"

Full Name: Ram Krishna Yadav
Year of Graduation: 2019 AD
Program Studied: Electronics &Communication Engineering
Contact Email:
Current Occupation: Research and Development Engineer- UAV | Robotics
Employer/Institution: Madhukaa Drone Services | Innovative Ghar Nepal | Robotics Academy of Nepal
Work Address: Kathmandu
LinkedIn Profile:

"Engineering Pathways: Overcoming Challenges and Shaping Success - The Journey of Chandra Rana"

Full Name: ChandraRana
Year of Graduation:
2014 AD
Program Studied: Bachelor of Civil Engineering
Contact Email:
Current Occupation: Engineer
Employer/Institution: Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development, Lumbini Province
Work Address: Water Resource and Irrigation Development Division Office, Palpa
Facebook Profile: [sr_crana]
Twitter Handle: [chandra_rana85]