NCE Yatra 2.0


YATRA 2.0 : “A Journey Towards Innovation”

 Yatra 2.0 – “a journey towards innovation”, is completely Science and Engineering related event organized by Civil Engineering Students Society-NCE (CESS-NCE) and Electrical ClubNCE of National college of Engineering. It’s a two days event planned to be organized on 30th and 31th of Asar.
This event is a continuation to Yatra 1.0 organized previously. Yatra 2.0 will be a platform for all Civil engineering and Electrical engineering students to show their ideas and skills. It will encourage all participants and visitors to broaden their knowledge and view in technical sector. As a technical student, we solely lack the field to show our knowledge practically.This event will be helpful in accomplishing our motto.The college as well as students will be benefited from this event as it will increase the areaof contacts in the general for all. The event will be fruitful on accomplishment for all thehelping endeavors, students, college, well-wishers and all our sponsors. It will be a common place for student and college management to come at a place and work so the relation between us will be more deep and prosperous.
Such events are seen to be conducted by several technical institutions in the nation and around the globe and they were seen to have given awesome and groundbreaking results.Apart from the benefits, relations became more strong and helpful. So, we expect to enhance our boundary and bond of relation to be the same.Finally, the expected result from the event is harmony, peace, collaboration as well as mutual and sustainable development among the communities. Hence, there will be overall benefit for those who are involved directly and indirectly.



As quiz competition is all about knowledge so this program is conducted separately for two faculties. Here, the participants and au-dience as well will enjoy the game which in return will increase their knowledge.

Presentation Competition

In this competition, the participants talks about the given topic and presents the knowledge and ideas related to the topic/title. The
topics will be according to the faculty of the respective participants.It will be a battle among the participants in which each participant have maximum 10 minutes time to give their presentation and the topic is related to “ENERGY EFFICIENCY”.

Model Exhibition

The participant should have to present their model in the exhibition. The model should be related to the theme of Electrical Engineering.And the topic is related to implementation of renewable sources of energy.

Software and Hardware Competition

Presentation Competition

When you do research, you must verify your proposed method and show that it works. For this goal, you must either show it by setting up a realistic experiment or you can simulate that realistic experiment by writing a program. If you cannot verify your claim by the first method, inevitably you must type a code in a programming language.You can do this by MATLAB.This competition is related to Efficiency, Economic and voltage profile.For this competition, length and power are fixed.
Length: 400 KM.
Power: 500 MW.

Code Debugging

Debugging involves locating and correcting code errors in a computer program.
This competition was organized to help all the code geeks to swirl their mind to identify a problem, isolate it and then either correct the problem or determine a way to work.
The final step will be the testing and making sure it works.

Gaming Competition

Do attack others. A Kick here and A little shoot there with training soldiers and killing your Enemies; this is a very fun part of entire event to compete singly or in a group.
Yatra Gaming is the most rushy and contemplative event.
Here, You will be able to experience the gaming of maniacs on the games: FIFA, Dota, Counter-Strike-1.6 and Clash Royale