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Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering at the National College of Engineering, a distinguished institution that has been at the forefront of technological education since its establishment in 2001. As one of the strongest departments in our college, we take great pride in offering two dynamic undergraduate courses: Computer Engineering and Electronics Communication & Information Engineering, each with 48 seats. Our commitment to academic excellence is mirrored in our exceptional faculty, who possess a wealth of experience and expertise in their respective fields, ensuring our students receive the highest quality of education. To complement our rigorous curriculum, we provide access to resourceful and cutting-edge laboratories, allowing students to gain practical experience and stay ahead of the ever-changing technological landscape. By nurturing innovation, creativity, and critical thinking, we prepare our graduates to become trailblazers in the exciting realms of electronics and computer engineering. Join us on this transformative journey as we empower the next generation of tech leaders to shape a brighter and technologically advanced future.

In addition to our strong academic programs, we also prioritize hands-on training through practical projects, encouraging students to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world challenges. The department facilitates internships with leading industry partners, providing invaluable industry exposure and fostering a seamless transition from academia to professional life. As part of our commitment to fostering a culture of innovation, our faculty and students actively engage in research activities, driving advancements in electronics and computer engineering and contributing to the broader scientific community.

Beyond the core academic offerings, the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering encourages students to explore their passions and interests through a range of extra-curricular activities. From participating in hackathons and robotics competitions to organizing tech fests and exhibitions, students have ample opportunities to showcase their creativity and teamwork. These extra activities not only enhance their technical skills but also instill leadership qualities and a spirit of camaraderie. Exhibitions and project showcase serve as platforms for students to demonstrate their innovative projects and solutions, garnering recognition and appreciation from peers and industry professionals alike. Such diverse experiences enrich the overall learning journey, ensuring our graduates are well-rounded individuals ready to make a positive impact in the global technological landscape.

About Courses

Faculties & Staff

Full-time Faculties

Er. Pradip Adhikaree

Vice Principal

Qualification: M. Sc. In Information and Communication Engineering
Work Experience: 16 years 

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Er. Kishor Adhikari, PhD

R & D Chief

Qualification: Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering
Work Experience: 14 years + 
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Er. Anup Shrestha

Head of Department

Qualification: M.E. in Computer Engineering
Work Experience: 11 years
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Er. Rajan Kusi

Full-Time Faculty

Qualification: Ph.D. Scholar in Electronics and Computer Engineering
Work Experience: 11 years
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Er. Suroj Burlakoti

Deputy Head of Department

Qualification: M. Sc. In Information and Communication Engineering
Work Experience: 8 years
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Er. Subash Panday


Qualification: M.E. in Computer Engineering
Work Experience: 7 years
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Er. Sharmila Bista

Full-Time Faculty

Qualification: M.E. in Computer Engineering
Work Experience: 8 years
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Er. Sahil Subedi

Full-Time Faculty

Qualification: M. Sc. Scholar in Information and Communication Engineering
Work Experience: 2 years
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  1.  Anish Pradhan, Asst. IT Officer
  2. Keshu Bhattarai, Sr. Technician
  3. Krishna Bhattarai, Jr. Technician
  4. Rupesh Maharjan Jr. Technician

Visiting Faculty

  1. Prof.Dr. Subarna Shakya, Professor, IOE, PhD.
  2. Prof.Dr. Ram Krishna Maharjan, Professor, IOE, PhD.
  3. Surendra Shrestha, Assoc. Professor, IOE, PhD.
  4. Dr. Nanda Bikram Adhikari, Assoc. Professor, IOE, PhD.
  5. Er. Rabin Kasula, Sr. Lecturer, Msc.
  6. Er. Umesh Acharya, Sr. Lecturer, M.Sc
  7. Er. Bibek Rupakheti, Sr. Lecturer, M.Sc
  8. Er. Prabin Silwal, Sr. Lecturer, M.Sc
  9. Er. Rajib Prajapati, Sr. Lecturer, M.Sc
  10. Er. Rabindra Khati, Sr. Lecturer, M.Sc
  11. Er. Hari Prasad Aryal, Sr. Lecturer, M.Sc
  12. Er. Sunil Kumar Shrestha, Sr. Lecturer, M.Sc
  13. Er. Binod Sitaula, Sr. Lecturer, M.Sc
  14. Er. Narayan Adhikari, Sr. Lecturer, M.Sc
  15. Er. Rebanta Aryal, Lecturer, M.Sc
  16. Er. Prakash Bhatta, Sr. Lecturer, M.Sc
  17. Er. Prasis Poudyal Sr. Lecturer, PhD.

MoU and Collaboration Partners

  1. Spiralogics International
  2. JobsSniper.Com
  3. Karkhana Nepal
  4. Complaint Quest
  5. Digitronix Nepal
  6. F1Soft International Pvt Ltd
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